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Taken with Horizon 202

Just got back two rolls of colour Horizon shots. Some photos worked out well and made good use of the colour film, but overall I prefer the look of the previous b&w shots. For the most part this has to do with the blah of winter. I took several landscape shots at High Park last week which acheived the same washed out effect as previous photos but were just sort of flat instead of interesting.

Note to self: Watch the tripod and shadows (Had a few images with my shadow peeking into the corner of the frame. Resist temptation to take too many "here's a bunch of trees" photos -- they don't suit me.


Last night we made an attempt to view the Art Deco show at the R.O.M. It ends on Sunday. I expected a line but this one went out the doors, down the steps, around the corner and all the way to Bloor Street!! And to think I passed on it when the lineup had about 20 people.

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