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Alley (DUBZ)
Taken with Horizon 202

You might recognize this alley from these Pioneer 616 photos.

I spent last night scanning another two rolls of Horizon photos. One taken in an alley and the rest from High Park and around town. Some of my experiments didn't work. Some photos were just plain BORING.

I'm a bit bummed and I think that is overshadowing the other good and interesting photos. I know, cry me a river. Back when I was coveting this camera, I had ideas for the panoramic format that were a little less traditional than you would expect. I realise now that some of those ideas can't be met 100% due to the technical limitations of the camera.

A second issue is distortion. Because of the nature of some of my subjects, I get a lot of distortion. It can't be avoided. I'm torn between how much distortion is okay, cool, and how much gets old and gimmicky after 30 pictures have it. I'm not intending it, I'm not using it for gimmick. But like I said, linear subjects, swinging lens... distortion happens.

A third issue is light. The better the light, the closer I can get to the subject (within 1 metre). I've been very tentative about getting close because of the lack of light during the winter, and the problem is that the Horizon sees things much, much further away then they are. So even when I think I might be close enough to get the effect I want, I'm never close enough.

Practise and adaptation.

I'm also going to try printing a few. They look excellent at a bigger size but I've been posting them here at a maximum of 725 wide so they fit within screen sizes. The great thing about panoramics is seeing more than the eye can see and that would be disrupted by scrolling.

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