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Baltimore on Wellington
Taken with Holga

I don't know what it is exactly about this little row of houses but it jumps out at me everytime I pass by; forcing me to take notice. There are few streets in Toronto that have this look; front door, sidewalk, and street all meet at the same place. Most houses in metro Toronto have a small patch of earth in front (often surrounded by a low fence) at the very least. To be honest I often find these places to be more depressing because of the way people feel the need to surround that micro patch with fencing. The worst are the ones who bother to lay sod and actually mow it. The best are the ones that have been turned into front yard veggie gardens. But I digress.

Usually these concrete streets are narrow, although this is not the case above. Whenever I see this I think of Baltimore. I'm sure there are other cities with streets like this, and I've never even been to Baltimore, but everytime I see images of it on television it always looks just like this. It's Baltimore in my mind.

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