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Taken with Horizon 202

Some funny things:

  • Today as I was making my lunch, Mr. Risk entered the room with mail. I had received a handwritten, personalized postcard from the store where I bought my winter jacket a few months back. I was so shocked I thought certainly it must be printed. Well it was written to me and was 100% handwritten with pen, probably by some underpaid highschool student. What's crazy is that I didn't plonk down big cash for the jacket... it was moderately priced, no Holt Renfrew purchase. (And because I care that you care... I've never even been inside a Holt Renfrew.) Anyway, the postcard contained washing instructions for my jacket as well as a sort-a covert little ad telling me to come into the store soon to check out the cool Triple 5 Soul hats, scarves and gloves they've got in stock that would "...look great with [my] jacket!" Man Alive! Advertising has become so subtley sophisticated. What next?
  • Okay. So then Mr. Risk pulled out a second piece of mail addressed to me. I get all the advertising crap apparently. This one was for a Yoga magazine. I already shredded it and can't remember the wording but it was something enticing me to join for serenity now or something. To which I violently blurted "Oh fucking fuck them!" We both burst into hysterical laughing at that. So much so I was almost on the floor in tears. Perhaps the yoga is required. SERENITY NOW!!

    As an aside: My response had actually been because my name seems to be on the Shambala Press mailing list and I regularly receive all kinds of junk mail regarding this sort of thing. I don't hate yoga. But still.

  • I just cracked open my new journal. I bought it the other day at the crazy dollar store in Chinatown. I swear if you want to bug out to hyper colour, crazy knockoff products and off-gassing plastics for an hour, you must check that store out. My journal is so awesome. For years, I've been trying to find a journal to top my old fave that had the giant head of a standard poodle on the front. Too good. This one finally wins. It shows an asian girl dressed in contemporary 80's meets early 2000's fashion with an appropriately matching hovering-on-the-cusp-of-a-female-short-long hairdo (who am I kidding it's a total mullet). Her head is tilted to the side, her mouth slightly open, her stare blank and vacant. The background is purple, psychedelic swirls with a giant yellow splotch behind her head (the sun maybe?) with an overlay of a snow-capped mountain and a tree branch in the foreground. The words Note Book lay over the tree branch. It's in a sort of fake-style calligraphic font, each letter in a different colour (trippy me-o-n). Oh Lord the letters have a large white border! And the words are presented as Book Note (but in english).

    Okay, be prepared for this because it gets better. Sitting below her is a bed of large, multi-coloured roses... probably black and white originally but colourised yellow, peach, red, pink and purple. Some of them fade into the purple swirly background. Then on top of the roses, in an old thymey Western meets Victorian typeface are the words

    "Make someone happy just make
    one someone one happy."

    Okay. That's the front. On the back we have the same swirly purple. Now add blue, green, violet and a splash of yellow to that. In the centre is the same snow-capped mountain minus the branches. On top of that is an asian girl with dyed blond hair wearing one of those fucking awful new-style rave-style cowboy hats! She's turned to the side but looking into the camera. She's wearing a jean jacket that has been splotched with bleach and the arms cut off. She's got long nails painted a matching baby blue. She's a little bit country and a little bit rock n' roll. In front of her is a small bouquet of the same colourised roses.

    Now the inside. The first page has some Chinese characters, the word Notebook in a kooky font that has had some sort of bevelling filter applied and little daisies applied on top all over the words. There is an illustration of a teen rollerblader doing a trick. He's wearing a jersey that says "2002" and a bandana made of the American Flag. Nice touch. On the opposite page are more flowers shown at 50% or less opacity and splashed around the page. There's an illustration of a cat laying in the curve of a half moon and a little mouse sleeping on a cloud.

    And since I'm almost there... the back pages. Here we see what I can't determine is a photo or illustration of a water lily pad with flowers poking out sitting on top of a bubble (with shading). There are two illustrated birds perched on the stem of an unopened lily bud. Chinese characters below, and little butterfly illustrations are splashed about the page. And finally... the opposite page. An illustration of a popular Asian cartoon character (a bunny in a baby carriage holding a baby bottle) sits on top of the light butterflies. The same character is shown at a smaller size below, going head to head with a dog? More Chinese characters and some book dimensions in cm. THE END

    What does it all mean? What exactly was the designer trying to communicate with this jumbled mess of signs? Probably nothing, yet one reason why I am so in love with this sort of madness is that someone out there (bless your poor, poor soul) had to create that. And that, dear reader, (yikes if you've made it this far and you're in the 18-35 age bracket you've already defied those Sesame Street era attention span statistics) is the beauty of the world of design.

    Everything was made by someone.

    Every once and a while something comes along that forces me to think, contemplate and imagine the person who made it. I occassionally wonder if someone out there has held something I designed in their hand and wondered the same thing.

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