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Green Pig Wall
Taken with Horizon 202

Bought myself some lush, wood, square frames last night. It's a bit shameful that I don't have even one of my own photos on display in my work area -- the space I spend most of my time in [oops not true. I do have one non-silver photograph up but I don't even see it where it is]. To be honest I only have two of my photos in my living space and they're kind of hidden, tucked away in corners and amongst clutter. I've always been that way; displaying other people's work well before my own. I design and sell stationery that I never use and t-shirts that I only recently started wearing. I'm realising how much I disconnect myself from the things I do with my time, even things that I enjoy and am proud of. That's not right.

I also bought a beautiful wood panoramic frame. Can't wait to get some extra time to rescan and print one, although it will be difficult choosing one.

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