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Taken with Holga

When I started buying more cameras, I made a rule that all cameras must be used if they are to be kept. While some cameras are beautiful feats of design, leaving them to collect dust on a shelf isn't right.

Sadly I currently have a few shelf-sitters. One is a gorgeous, but incredibly simple bake-lite box camera called the Timba. I bought it several months back with full intention to use it but the winder is broken. When making purchases on ebay remember that it's not just what is said that is important, but what is left unsaid. I tried sculpting a homemade winder out of a pen cap, but it didn't work. I'm not giving up yet.

Another shelf-sitter is a neat little West German 35mm that stalled my return to film. I bought it on impulse a long while back in an antique store from a shelf of assorted cameras priced at 10 bucks each (what a rip-off but I couldn't resist). Of course I chose it purely for it's aesthetic appeal without checking the shutter or the mechanism. I then went ahead and shot a roll of duds because the shutter is broken. I'm now thinking about opening it up to see if I can get it to function again, and if not I'll either make it into a pinhole or give it away.

More assorted broken cameras or those with discontinued film requirements. My LC-A (I've stolen Mr. Risk's), the Lubitel 2 (possibly a pinhole one of these days), Polaroid Swinger (pretty but also pretty useless), Kodak Flash Fun....

And finally the Kiev 35a. It works great and is in excellent condition (I bought it new and keep it in its case in the box). I probably shot a maximum of 5 rolls of film through it. I know I've spoken rather unfavourably of it's plastic flip front and sad shutter sound. However, it's a good camera and I took some good photos with it. I'd like to get rid of this one since I prefer the LCA and have no real use for it. I'd like to do a trade rather than sell it on ebay so if you've got something to trade email me.

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