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Yesterday had many distractions. I wasted some serious time on another personality test (found via SoapBoxGirls). This one is called an Ennegram test. I haven't read much but the gist of it is that people are sorted according to 9 categories plus a lean. In my case I came out a 5 with 4. People who fall under 5 are known as the "Observer" (this entire section was incredibly accurate and bears many similarities to my Jungian categorization INFJ) or "Investigator". Apparently with a type 4 lean it means that my goal is to acquire knowledge (for a variety of reasons) without a hard bias towards acceptance or pleasure. I should state though that 4s are seen as having depth of feeling while 5s are seen as having detached emotion. I would guess that being a mix means both exist simultaenously which in my case is one of the bigger paradoxes of my personality.

"Knowledge seeking behaviors are about increasing independence, learning new and better ways to survive in life without conforming or taking advantage of others. " - From my results for this test

I would guess that in the past I would probably have come out with a bias towards one or the other. I'm not sure which. Could have been either. May have been either depending on the day. The thing I like about this test is that it acknowledges that you will change (although the belief is that we are born with a basic type, with which I'm not in total agreement). I may not be a 5w4 forever. I may not be a 5w4 today despite the results of yesterday. I strongly resist the idea that some simple test can determine your personality -- one that you were born with and will die with. I'm a nurture vs nature thinker. And hell, I'm a 5w4 people so I must be right!

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