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Tracks III
Taken with Horizon 202

Busy time. Lots to do. I shouldn't even be posting here but I find that some days I need this as a little jumpstart.

Our new/old light meter arrived yesterday. We bought a used one over the holidays but it sucks and we lost the receipt and can't return it. I've been using it but have found that my guesstimating was just as accurate. This new meter is much better and seems accurate. I'm excited to get to that "next level" but not excited about having to juggle another piece of equipment.


Yesterday I was walking down a side street when I heard some birds chirping in the trees. It was sunny but very cold. The sounds of the birds reminded me of spring. I had an instant flash in my mind of the look and smell of Toronto's side streets when everything is melting and little crocuses and other early spring bulbs are pushing up through the soil. I imagined myself soaring down a hill on my bike without the burden of three layers of clothes under a jacket plus mitts. Wa, I want it to be spring.

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