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Had a very busy weekend. I'm socialised for the next two months. Which is good because if I can help it I'm not going outside again until the temperature rises. Who am I kidding? I have to go out for errands today. Still waiting for my clone.

Purchased and watched "Battle Royale" on the advice of a friend and was happily surprised to discover it was directed by a perennial Japanese film favourite Kinji Fukasaku. Despite some bad japanese to english translations, and loads of incredibly immature ideas about love and heterosexual relations, it was entertaining. Watching the film sparked an interest in digging up my old paper on "The Black Lizard" (Kurotakage, 1968).... which in turn resulted in a read-through of several old university papers. Unfortunately, for a paper on gender bending and camp it was kinda boring. And that is why it is better to live the "glory" in your head rather than keep the papers to reread years later.

Went to a party on Saturday night. And alone no less.... which if you know my introverted, antisocial ways will probably shock and disturb... Discovered there is a live bootleg version of Gil Scott Heron's "Home is Where the Hatred Is" that I must have. It's super extended and faster than the album version.

Yesterday I had some respite from all this cold and misery by visiting the Allan Gardens Greenhouse. I dragged three bags of film and assorted cameras with me... managing to use all but one camera! I am the king of multi-camera and multi-format juggling.... a skill I have to keep in check as it taps into an unhealthy need to multi-task. This time I brought Mr. Risk's Canon AE-1 and a huge lens. The light was terrific so I'm hoping to get some good plant pictures out of it.

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