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Lomo LC-A

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Recently, I've expanded my photographic repetoire to include some new themes. They are: laundry mats, writing on walls, writing scratched into benches or walls or metal, floors (cause if you're going to do doors and walls...), fire hydrants, drinking fountains, lawn ornaments and ice chests. See and you thought I only took pictures of doors, walls, toy tags, cars, garbage, garbage bins, discarded chairs, signs and plants. I'm versatile damnit!

I've got lots of new photos developed and sitting on my desk. I can't wait to post some of them but I can wait to scan them. I need a personal assistant to do my scanning and colour correcting. One can dream.


Toy Camera has redesigned and it's looking good. I recently became addicted to the forums and found myself neglecting the forums (which I am supposed to be moderating) at my own site. Check out my contribution to the Destinations Gallery (I'm entry #1 on page 2) taken with my Holga. All photos were taken on our June trip to Montreal. Notice how I managed to fit several of my themes into the three chosen images; walls, fire hydrant, discarded couch, toy tags, general decay...

I recently purchased a Diana camera clone called the Windsor. Diana's themselves go for way too much on ebay now-a-days. Even the clones go high but my Windsor was cheap cause it takes 620 film and I guess people didn't want to mess with that. But I'm familar with the hassles of the 620 camera and as luck would have it discovered that the Fuji NHG II film (120) that I love so much for use in the Holga fits fine without needing to be cut down (the spools are thinner). The only problem I consistently have with this film is that it winds REALLY loose. I can't get it to wind tight no matter what I do and consequently everytime I take it in for developing it must be bagged.

Anyways, my Windsor arrived earlier this week and I have already completed two rolls. I love the noise the shutter makes and the loud clinking of the winding mechanism. I took my first roll in earlier today. I can't wait to see what I get!

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