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Danforth Bowl II
Taken with Horizon 202

See another bowling alley photo.

In the above photo you can really see some of the "quirks" of this bowling alley. They've retained the original beauty of the alley but have painted the back wall with clouds and then lined up old bowling trophies in front! The whole vibe of the alley reminded me of a place I used to visit as a part of my crazy Born Again Christian Fundamentalist upbringing called The Buffalo Christian Center. It was in an old building that had a lot of the same "updates"... that cross between nice 40's era styling and what-the-fuck design. The biggest comparisons would have to be the big rainbow mural in the upper level indoor roller rink and the basement mini putt course themed on the stages of The Pilgrim's Progress.

Although it has most likely been changed over the years, I so desperately want to go to Buffalo and visit that place again. I can't remember the details of the mini putt but I know it was crazy (hitting your ball through a hole in the base of Calvary and shit like that).

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