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Danforth Bowl I
Taken with Horizon 202

Above is the first photo from last week's film shoot at the bowling alley. It's literally the first photo on the roll, accounting for the incorrect aspect ratio (some of the photo didn't make it). Even when I know it's too early on the roll and I'm not going to get the whole photo, I still take it as a real photo. I can't waste even that tiny bit of emulsion cause you never know....

I discovered on this film shoot that I actually like 5 pin bowling. Years ago I co-starred in a friend's music video (I should not be allowed to act). The bulk of it was shot in a bowling alley. This resulted in a solid 16 hours straight of sitting around waiting for scenes to be set up, tempers and egos to blow up and of course non-stop bowling. Thankfully my character didn't really have to bowl, but Mr. Risk, the poor guy, was an extra and had to continuously bowl through most of the scenes shot on the actual lanes. His arm was finished after that and neither of us have had any interest in bowling since.

How funny that the next time we set foot inside a bowling alley it's on a film set! Something about that last experience had put me off bowling entirely so I was reluctant to try 5 pin. But when some of the crew busted out into a bowling frenzy near the end of the shoot, I compelled myself to give it a go. It was actually fun. I think I might go back someday to that same alley.

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