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Very few of my friends have websites and even fewer keep weblogs. As a result I often find myself in the following dialogue.

Person: "What's new?"
Me: "Oh I just blah blah blah."
Person: "I know I read it on your site."


Person: "So how's [Insert activity or project or whatever here] coming?"
Me: How do you know about that?"
Person: "I read it on your site."

I don't know why it is... maybe I operate within a certain level of denial... but this always stuns me. As if I don't quite expect people I know to actually check in here, especially if they lurk without comment (I'm callin' youse all out!)

Well, FINALLY the tide has turned. Chris, a guy I've known since high school (believe it or not) and a regular commenter here, has just started up a photoblog. Now I can be "Person" and someone else can be "Me".

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