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Tracks Shack
Taken with Zero 2000 Pinhole

I have to chose a photo that best represents my photo "work" by the weekend. This is a hard thing to do because I use so many different cameras and as a result tend to shift my style to utilize the quirks or work within (or past) the limitations of each. If pressed (which I am) I could probably chose one from each camera. For instance of the Lubitels there is this, and of the Great Walls probably the recent yellow chair, and of the pinholes there are tons of concession stand photos that have never been posted and a new roll of b&w from the tracks (see above). This spartus ferris wheel photo is an all-time fave regardless of camera. I love this Holga photo but really there are far too many to even get into right now.

However, one overall (and that's not including the zillions that have never made it to this site).... difficult to say the least.

I tend to chose the orange chair photo because of the good memory I have of seeing it for the first time, the colour saturation, the swirling soft focus and the texture. Everything about it captures a mood that is indicitive of most of my pictures. I even remember saying to Mr. Risk when I saw it "Finally. This is how I see. This is me. Now I'm getting somewhere."

Every few months I look through my photos to catch common threads between the moods, composition and style that I may be doing unconsciously. Again and again "solitude" comes up as the overall emotion. Often times it is a tranquil solitude. Or maybe I just think it is because that's how I feel when I'm out taking photos.

Okay back to work.

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