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Jay with Beard
Taken with Holga

Some hard times lately. Today I broke my Windsor. That piece of shit plastic winder just snapped mid roll. That was my most beloved toy camera. I love you camera!! I didn't even get an opportunity to try out the new close-up lenses with it. Then not an hour later I discovered a roll taken with the Windsor was incorrectly processed and all the photos are gone. Am currently mourning the photos that could have been... that crazy car with parts held on with electrical tape, the sunny day in a new alley..... only the memories remain. Sigh.

On Sunday the winder broke on the Lubitel 166U. So here's the countdown: first lubitel shutter breaks, 2nd never makes it overseas due to an ebay purchase gone wrong (seller goes awol), third has crazy problems and can't focus (takes bizarre but interesting photos), fourth shines for a few months then winder breaks. Actually I forgot to mention that number 1 has since made a possible comeback as a crude pinhole (must get on finishing that roll).

In slightly happier news I've spent the evening scanning some of the new rolls that came back. The photo above is one image from two rolls taken using 35mm film in the Holga. I actually have a surprisingly high number of people photos. I like this one because the perspective is so distorted. Of course just this morning I stated something about photographing people without consent being an invasion of privacy and then I go and post a photo of a person I don't know (background). I also said I never take photos of people.

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