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Secured with Tape
Taken with Holga

Here's the taped up car I mentioned. Mr. Risk and I took photos of the excellent tape job with an assortment of cameras while a man watched from his front window. I waved pleasantly to him to let him know I wasn't staking out the neighbourhood or a repo man.

Sometimes I wonder what people think when they watch me take pictures. Once I took a picture of some vibrant red stairs that had caught my eye in an alley (lost the roll damnit) and a guy who had been standing nearby with his buddy started to freak out. He chased us out of the alley screaming and threatening to bash our heads in. Another time a woman yelled at me for taking a photo of a menu posted outside a diner. "Hey! Hey! Why are you taking a picture of that?", she yelled accusingly. I don't take photos of people and I still get chased and threatened.


For those who want to know how to put 35mm film through a Holga there are some directions here and here. Just be sure to tape your back window up good. I advanced by clicks instead of turns.


Thanks to everyone who has emailed or commented in the last week. I'm trying to get through it all but it's going to take me some time.

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