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This morning I was miserable. And angry. And paralysed. And tired. I contemplated posting the "Fuck Off" pictures. Instead I said "Fuck It" and took a shower.

I didn't want to go out but I had to go out.

But then I had the best cab ride. I love a good cab ride. A good cab ride is as good as a good walk (only faster). Before running out the door I quickly grabbed an unmarked cd. It turned out to be the perfect music for a perfect cab ride up Ossington. "Don't Leave Me This Way" by Thelma Houston, "Sinnerman", Nina Simone.

Later I stepped back outside to the sunshine and warm weather. I put my headphones back on and walked while Dionne Warwick sang "Anyone Who Had a Heart" in my ears. I took pictures with my new Lady Windsor (thanks to Jim). And walked. And walked and walked. I walked down new alleys and new streets. I walked to meet up with Mr. Risk. We ate food, bought records (plus a DVD of Nina Simone performing somewhere or other) and then walked down to Queen Street.

I like to walk. Walking clears my head and creates perspective. Walking is the new yoga. Walking is meditation in motion. ...except that tai chi is meditation in motion. But tai chi made me angry. Walking makes me happy.

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