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Fuck You
Taken with Great Wall DF- (with close-up filter)

I like how this Fuck You is also uniquely Canadian.


More Mike's Munchies. And another.


I just want to state for the record that even though he posted it first the bastard copied me. I did this about a year and a half ago but thought I'd revisit to see how it had changed. All words in [] are mine.

From Googlism:

gayla is going to be interviewed live thursday august 15 at 11
gayla is not a therapist
gayla is a shamanic qi specialist
gayla is not amazed to discover he had served time in prison
gayla is a graduate of the university of notre dame with a bachelor of business administration in accounting
gayla is a wonderful designer
gayla is a member of the sicangu rosebud lakota sioux tribe
gayla is our office coordinator
gayla is missing her ending
gayla is gorgeous and kind
gayla is seeking a second opinion and a controversial treatment in southern california
gayla is on the canadian association of schools of social work board of accreditation which sets national standards
gayla is a veteran agent who has put together projects like gerald di pego’s "phenomenon
gayla is the bitch sister
gayla is a welcome addition to our scholarship and awards committee
gayla is furious and shoots at twilly with a laser
gayla is listless and tires very easily
gayla is a 95 page recipe site of family recipes
gayla is always willing to experiment and can almost always custom blend a tea to meet your discerning palate
gayla is already making plans to teach him how to roast coffee
gayla is super sweet
gayla is responsible for reconciling income and expenses made on the departmental account
gayla is the assistant development director and the cheerleader director at st
gayla is a social activist
gayla is a really superlative web designer and a nurturing soul
gayla is a single mother who works 30 hours a week and takes university classes two evenings a week
gayla is distraught at the prospect of losing any of her teeth [Who isn't?]
gayla is now an associate professor of mathematics at georgia state university in atlanta
gayla is a member of the ipswich country club and spends most of her free time on the course or the driving range
gayla is a computer teacher at apollo college
gayla is also a member of unity church of knoxville and is completing a master's degree at the university of tennessee
gayla is none too impressed by doctors
gayla is definitely the only designer [Hell ya]
gayla is an excellent resource for finding answers to your questions
gayla is a lively brunette
gayla is able to create just the cake to suit your taste buds
gayla is a south carolina supreme court certified mediator for all civil litigation
gayla is an extremely rude manager
gayla is a renowned fashion expert and image maker with 25 years of experience in the fashion and style industry [If "expert in the fashion and style industry" means dressing myself successfully.]
gayla is also liaison to the special events committee
gayla is coming back to pick me up [Just like Jesus]
gayla is the funniest person i have ever meet in my life
gayla is working at dairy queen now so be wary if she takes your order or anything
gayla is a minister
gayla is friendly
gayla is plp size xxsmall/xsmall pear [huh?]
gayla is mother to two children and a son [Are sons different than children somehow?]
gayla is about 12 meters tall
gayla is a member of the public relations society of america
gayla is a certified specialist of disney and club med

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