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Red Roof
Taken with the Windsor/Diana Hybrid

First roll from the fabulous, new, Windsor/Diana hybrid is back. Lots of photos, no time to scan. I've been taking non-stop b&w pictures with the toy cams for some time now in preparation for the Toy Camera coffee table book. Now that my photos are picked I have been very happy to get back to a little toy camera colour.

"Shut-ins are go!"

In other news... I share building space with talented folks. They should just put the new Art & Design District signs in front of our building rather than in what I used to affectionately call "No Man's Land"!!

Tomorrow night my brother (DJ General Eclectic) will be participating in "The Big Fives" (local music luminaries play their top fives.) at The Drake Underground. Should be interesting.

Our next door neighbour, Craig Marshall, creates wonderfully bleak animations and artwork. An interview with him has just been published on CGChannel. He also has a new weblog on his site.

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