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Children's Chalk Drawings in Alley
Taken with Great Wall DF- (with close-up filter)

I was going to go off about the hit or miss comments I've been getting here lately but Davin said it better. I've questioned many times my motives for keeping the comments open. I'd remove the feature except that I enjoy much of the conversations that have happened there and I don't want to disable that. For instance I liked the last post about the Zenit in which a few people responded about their own Zenit experiences. Hell, there have even been arguments that I've enjoyed and walked away from feeling that something new had come of it.

But when I sit down to my computer first thing in the morning and there's a comment that says "This does nothing for me..." or some other quasi-egotistical jab, it puts me into a foul mood... a few minutes of my life wasted and feeling dumped on. A lot of the time I am unphased by this. I hit delete and move along. But I'm human and I'm vulnerable like the rest of you. And in those moments it does sting. If it didn't I'd be a fucking souless, inanimate brick.

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