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There will be no photo today. I had a little computer mishap last night and Mr. Risk is currently in the process of getting it all back.

Last night I was working late attempting to get ahead of the crunch when everything went "poof". My immediate thought after the panic wore off was that it couldn't be a worse time. But I'm sure if it had happened last week or next week I would have thought the same thing. No time is the right time and everytime is the wrong time when it comes to computer troubles.


Last night I got a bunch of film back and managed to scan the roll from the Lubitel 2 pinhole I constructed a while back. I'm not overly impressed with the results but may still pull it out on World Pinhole Photography Day regardless.


Does anyone know what happened to a female rapper called Jane Doe? The best example I can think of to explain who she is is her guest spot on a track called "Twice Inna Lifetime" on the Black Star album. She's amazing but I have never been able to find anything by her except guest spots on various tracks.

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