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High Park Bushes
Taken with Horizon 202

I've slowed down here lately. I've got lots of deadlines and stuff happening so all my reserve energies are elsewhere. Something off my "To-Do List" is about to happen and while that's a great thing and I've very proud of myself blah blah blah etc etc... there have been many sleepless nights dealing with the mixed emotions of it all. Getting what you want isn't always sunshine and roses. I'm simultaneously exhilarated and terrified.

As usual I completely forgot about the long weekend. Easter is one of those pseudo-holidays that seems to change dates every year. This year it was spent doing taxes!


We've made some bad film choices lately. The films themselves have been good, just too heavy for my current state. Thursday evening we watched "Capturing the Friedmans" and last night "Stevie" -- both documentaries about really miserable situations. I really need to start renting some comedies.


Been attempting to arrange my sibling "Hometown Tour 2004" but have been coming up against some roadblocks. VIA Rail does not have a baggage car for that route which means we can't bring our bikes and I can't find a place in the city that rents them. I haven't checked with the bus company but I'm pretty sure they don't allow bikes either. Again I'm in a situation where having a driver's license would make things a million times simpler. My brother doesn't drive either! Anyone in St. Catharines know where I can rent a couple of bikes?

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