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Yellow Floral with Rocks
Taken with Great Wall DF- (with close-up filter)

Above is the top of the dresser seen in this photo. I think the floral stuff is good ole' mac-tac, but it reminds me of the awful wallpaper I had in my bedroom as a kid.

In my early childhood, my mother had the notion to decorate my room with a partial roll of wallpaper purchased from the Sally Ann -- too little for even one wall. Her solution was to hang it in strips with wall space between. As I got older I came to despise that floral wallpaper. I was not a floral gal and I was certainly not a strips-of-tacky-yellow-floral-wallpaper-spaced-evenly-across-one-wall-with-gaps gal. In silent defiance I slowly tore away at the wallpaper behind the bed in tiny strips during extended pre-teen telephone conversations; damage that was not revealed until we moved a few years later.

I spent many anxiety-filled nights worrying about what would happen if and when she discovered my mini-defilement of her design. But when it was all revealed I silently moved my belongings into my pink and blue floral wallpaper room in the new house and nothing was ever said.

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