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Lubitel Pinhole

Taken with Lubitel 2 Homemade Pinhole

This one was taken with the dead Lubitel 2 I converted to a pinhole. The hole was made with a very thin needle and a pie tin. The shutter is a wad of electrical tape. I need to figure out a better method because removing and reapplying the "shutter" is difficult to do without jiggling the camera.

Still, it blows my mind that I can make a picture with a hole in a pie tin and a piece of tape. I've been trying to get Mr. Risk and others excited about the *Wonder and Magic of Pinhole Photography* in time for World Pinhole Photography Day. The bastards ain't care.

Unfortunately I had anticipated photos with a wide angle, much like the Zero 2000 images. As a result I ignored the viewfinder and have been left with several photos of headless friends. oops.

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