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Tenant 1082 (Alley VIII)
Taken with Horizon 202

I'm sick. Turns out I've contracted some kind of flu-ish virus and didn't realise it. It didn't present itself in the usual cold/flu symptom way just exacerbated the usual symptoms I deal with to varying degrees on a day-to-day basis such as vertigo, nausea and tiredness. The body is funny that way. My immune system is incredible now in some ways but some parts of me are still really weak. So when I'm hit with a virus I don't sneeze and cough like the rest of the population just spin and puke (actually I haven't thrown up yet).

I'm taking a powerful combination of goldenseal and oil of oregano which tastes like hell mixed with water. I took oil of oregano for a short time years ago and it literally put me off the smell and taste of oregano entirely for three years. In fact when I first started doing Chinese Medicine I had to drink a disgusting mud-like tea and then add drops of oil of oregano to it. The concoction was so gross that I actually started smoking in order to stomach it. I'd drink a big gulp and then haul on a cigarette. What a joke. I was taking the stuff to deal with my illness and smoking to deal with the medicine. I gave up the smoking a long while back so now I'm stuck just drinking the mix with a plain water chaser. The worst part really isn't even the going down. Oil of oregano makes you burp a lot and every burb is a special re-introduction to the flavour all over again. Well, despite it all I'll take this over the cold medicine induced haze any day.

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