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Crocus on the Rocks
Taken with Great Wall DF-

I think I'm getting better. Yesterday after taking the herbs I felt as if I was slowly rotting from the inside out. At one point a patch of skin on my stomach felt as if it had been burned but there was no mark and nothing had scalded me. Bizarre. Today I felt like hell, but a manageable kind of hell rather than a slow death sort of hell. I don't feel like throwing up after every meal. That's a pretty fast turnaround when you consider that I'd been carrying the symptoms since last week and only started taking the herbs yesterday.


I bought a new camera yesterday in preparation for a big project I will be labouring over solidly until October. Okay the actual "getting" of the camera is all down to Mr. Risk since I was laying in bed thinking about my aching body and not where I was supposed to be -- hunched over my keyboard repeatedly hitting refresh and waiting to place a bid at the last second in order to snatch up that camera from someone else's unsuspecting hands the way so many have done to me in the past. Bastards!

The camera is a Mamiya c330 Professional F. It's a TLR camera that has a bellows and takes a variety of lenses. I'm very excited about it! I have been secretly coveting this camera for many months now but could not justify it until the project was "GO". It's a giant beast of a camera but it should serve me well for it's intended purpose... and of course for fun too!

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