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Pinkies Truck and Film
Taken with Great Wall DF-

This photo is from the film set of Moss, shot back in January but I decided to post it today to commemorate the moving on of Pinkie's Truck. Over the weekend we did a walk along the tracks and discovered that one of our favourite picture-taking locations has been altered. They removed the truck, the tires, and the car filled with broken bikes. They also put fences up so we can no longer use that area as a shortcut. Damn them, whoever they are!

But as I said to Mr. Risk, the locals and the drunks will not be locked out from their routes. People have their habits and their routines and they generally don't take well to having them changed by authority. Someone will break those fences soon enough and it will be business as usual. The only thing that worries me is the possibility that they have gone to the trouble of cleaning up and fencing off in order to build on the lot. Just what we need, another friggin' loft/toft.

More Pinkie's Truck: pinhole, digital, digital 2, near the former location of the truck.

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