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Taken with Horizon 202

My newest thing is backyards. Walking through alleys as much as I do it was only a matter of time before I turned my camera on the backyards. This was a strange empty lot. It might have been someone's backyard at some point but now it is just another wastespace where people dump their crap and run.

Getting a bit closer.


bell hooks is speaking in the city this Saturday. I'm not planning to go but coincidently had just picked "Where We Stand: Class Matters" back up again. Her book is about the intersection between class and race but I picked it up to re-read the chapter called "Crossing Class Boundries".

I've had a lot of thoughts about class recently. I've meant to bring it up here but have found it difficult to articulate anything meaningful with enough clarity. I'm going through a terrible self-protective phase of tongue-tiedness.

This quote from the book is interesting:

"Slowly I began to understand fully that there was no place in academe for folks from working-class backgrounds who did not wish to leave the past behind. That was the price of the ticket."


"...I had planted my feet on the path leading in the direction of class priviledge. There would always be contradictions to face. There would always be confrontations around the issue of class. I would always have to reexamine where I stand."


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