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Westlodge from the Tracks II
Taken with Horizon 202

Sick again. Not a virus, but a product of my illness. I'm back on the nasty concoction. This time I was flattened for the entire weekend. My body went through a scary range of symptoms Friday night but things are settling down enough for me to work in short spurts today. This really, truly could not be worse timing but I'm really not shocked by my current physical state considering the enormous stress and pressure I'm under and have felt for some time now.

I don't think I'll be posting much here in the next while. I have very little energy to spread around.


Later. How to feel much, much better (if only momentarily): Have your new Mamiya C330 Professional F camera arrive in the mail unexpectedly. I'm either really weak from the illness or this sucker is fucking heavy! It has the clearest viewfinder ever. I can actually hold it at my waist and see things clearly and crisply. It's how a waist level finder is supposed to work.

Now all I need is a personal assistant, a small monkey or a special cart to carry this camera around with me.

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