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Shot with Nikon 990

I took a ton of photos in the garden this morning. Later in the afternoon I met a reporter at The Drake Coffeeshop for a two hour interview. I'm getting much better at self-promotion; talking about myself and what I do without The Awkwardness. For someone with such a massive interest in popular culture and cultural theory, I've been terribly slow in figuring out how this whole media/press thing works and how to make the best use of it without being a big whore about it.

Mind you, I have always been either really shy or really talkative. Never in between. In grade school I was painfully quiet and introverted yet at times this enthusiasm would burst out and I'd be reprimanded for excessive talking. Catch me in the right mood with the right topic and I can run at the mouth for days. I think the talkative mode is my true nature. The shy, introvert is a result of a ton of negative socialization. Thankfully I am slowly moving past that and getting a handle on who and how I am without the weight of that baggage holding me back.

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