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Shot with Nikon 990

We rode our bikes to Wards Island yesterday for a much needed day off. That was the first recreational activity day I've had in a very long time. It was such a relief not to think about work or think about thinking about work. Although technically I did work because I took lots of plant and garden photos. There's a thin line, between play and work. I do enjoy my work, but it becomes cumbersome when there is no time for myself to just be a human.

The air on the island smelled nice and fresh. One highlight was the discovery of a pond filled with horsetail and squirmy black tadpoles. I haven't seen tadpoles since my childhood and the sight immediately brought me back to afternoons spent catching toad tadpoles in the pond behind TOWERS. I want to go back next week to see if they develop legs.

I've been posting digital photos here lately simply because I've got stacks of film that needs developing and no time to scan regardless.

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