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Charcoal Snake
Taken with Great Wall DF- with closeup filter

I found this tiny charcoal snake while walking around on Ward's Island last weekend. It really takes me back to a happy memory from my childhood. My friend and I used to buy packets of these snakes around firecracker holidays. Igniting the pellets produces a little charcoal poo ribbon and a hell of a lot of thick, black smoke. Somehow that was highly entertaining. What I don't get is why shopkeepers sold these things to us. Fire+kids=bad.

Been taking shitloads of photos with the D70. Nothing to post here though. Aside from a plethora of plant stuff there's about a hundred photos of the cat. I'm curious about how people are using their digital slrs? I'm finding it really hard to get used to manual settings. It's just a lot more sensitive than my clunky ole cameras so my usual settings are way off. It's just too easy to fire away with auto but of course then I lose control.

I already want a macro lens but may have to settle for a close-up filter instead. No room in the budget for fancy accessories.

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