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Blue Chair
Taken with Mamiya C330

I went into this place yesterday. I bought onion rings but had to throw them away after a few bites. They were just too greasy! I didn't have time to sit down and hang around because I was meeting Mr. Risk at the Farmer's Market and then we went across town to pick up a Nikon D70. Good god they are hard to get in this city! Everyone sells out the second they come in. We managed to snag the only one from a small camera shop.

I don't expect to be posting many digital images here and I'm not planning to abandon film anytime soon. The new camera is for the book. I would not have purchased it otherwise. I have TONS of small images to take and I was blowing the budget doing film only.

I have to admit that I've been more giddy about the camera than I thought I'd be. I spent this morning out in the garden snap, snapping away. It's just too easy to take photo after photo without the kind of attention I put into my film shots. I think I've taken over 300 photos since I got the camera. Madness. Years ago we took our first digital camera on a two week trip to Mexico. At the time I thought coming back with over 700 photos was insane. That's nothing now. That's a couple of hours.

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