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Night Walk
Taken with Nikon D70

These photos were taken on a night time walk down Tyndall where there are lots of hi-rise apartments. Here's an ashtray/garbage can. The lobby in particular had a Kubrick-esque creepiness about it.

Do you remember the late night programs "Night Ride" and "Night Glide"? I specifially enjoyed one that was just scenes shot in a mall at night. Some fur-coated people were walking by an escalator that was panelled in glass. It was very 80's/early 90's in the worst way possible.


Our deck has become a wildlife sanctuary. The plants I grow attract an assortment of beneficial insects and spiders. That's intentional. Then we had the baby birds, 1 & 2 plus the vast number of sparrows and starlings that have nested in the cracks of our building for years. This year has been high in baby bird deathes. This morning I went outside to check on my plants and was given a shock! A large raccoon was underneath a table and had popped its head out and snorted at me. It kind of made a gargling snort. I jumped and exclaimed very loudly and then ran inside immediately because raccoons are damn huge with large teeth and claws. It was backed into a corner and had become quite aggressive. After the adrenaline subsided we went back outside to chase it away. We know raccoons visit at night (they steal my tomatoes, dig up my carnivorous bog and try to get into the garbage can) but we don't want one living there because of the cat.

It went underneath the deck but eventually came out. At that point we noticed it had a fresh gash on the side of its leg. That's probably why it decided to hang out. That and the luxury 5-Star accomodations of a basket underneath a table. I called the Humane Society but a few minutes later the raccoon decided to leave. It hobbled a bit on one side but seemed mostly okay.

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