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Taken with Nikon D70

I promised Bob some cat photos. This is our cat "Kitty" who turned ten years old on July 1! Her name is actually "Voltron, Defender of the Universe" but we're lazy bastards calling her "Kitty" most of the time. She has other names like "Miss Kitty", "Princess", "Nasty Kitty", "The Littlest Baby Kitty", "Noodles", "Fluffy", etc based on her mood and attitude. The above photos were taken the other day. I gave her a pot of ornamental purple fountain grass. You should see how haggard that plant is today. She LOVES it.

Look at the tongue!

Delicious grass.

Kitty was very sick two years ago and came VERY close to dying. Here she is in the hospital. Here she is on her first day home after surgery. It was a terrible ordeal. We love that bitchy cat.

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