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Ice Cream Truck
Taken with the Windsor/Diana Hybrid

This photo was taken on a day when I convinced Mr. Risk to play hooky and walk around taking pictures. I think that was the same day we went to Henry's and I bought that Spartus Folding Camera.

I expected more from this photo when I took it but I still like it. Most times now I can fairly accurately guess how a photo taken with this camera will come out.

We don't eat soft-serve but we sure do have a fixation with the trucks. They play a little plinky tune. One day Mr. Risk did some research and discovered that the song actually has lyrics that go something like "Here comes Mr. Ice cream man, bringing fresh ice cream."

We talk a lot about how good it would be if the trucks sold green tea and fried egg sandwiches on spelt toast with fresh basil leaves and a slice of tomato (okay I added in the details. It's lunch time. I'm hungry.) We've even modified the lyrics to "Here comes Mr. Green Tea man, bringing fresh hot tea." or "Here comes Mr. Genmaicha, bringing fresh hot tea."

Can someone get on that please?


And the books!

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