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Taken with the Nikon D70

Writing is back.

We had a good day off. I will call it "The Great East End Bike Tour 2004". My body still hurts from all the bike riding. We rode to the Distillery District, walked around a few times, rode to Cherry Beach, east along the bike path, north up Leslie, west along Queen, north up Pape, back east again to Little India, west along Gerrard to the Riverdale Farm (It was closed. I wanted to see the turkey.), west on College, ate diner and eventually home.

I'm very unfamiliar with the east end so there were times when it felt like we were in another city entirely. It's enjoyably miserable over there. But you have to be in the mood for it. The Distillery District was boring. Mr. Risk and I decided that we prefer the periphery of places. Whenever we go anywhere we tend to want to head directly for the outskirts or the uninhabited parts. I'm not sure what that says about us metaphorically but the best parts about the Distillery District seemed to be around the edges. The highlight was a vast, empty parking lot across the street that contained a pair of old trucks. We went ballistic photographing those trucks! I could have sat in the parking lot all day. It felt familiar.

The Cherry Beach bike path smelled nice. The russling of beech trees in the wind was soothing. The wind itself sucked. No matter which direction we were travelling I was certain it was against the wind. Yes, the song did cross my mind more times than I'd like to admit.

I was pretty happy to finally have the opportunity to photograph the building above. I've gone by in cars and street cars on occassion but have never had the chance to stop and take some snaps. Finally!

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