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Taken with Horizon 202

This is what the C.N.E (Canadian National Exhibition) grounds look like when the CNE isn't on.


This morning as I attempted to talk on the phone with my book producer who is in New York City, I was consistently interupted by the sonic booms of Canada's Snowbirds flying overhead (they fucking woke me up too!). When I told her why I had to keep interupting her she laughed and said, "Canada is so cute. Here our airplane shows have names like "Stealth Killers" or "Death Squadron" and yours are called "The Snowbirds"."

To which I replied, "Yes, It's all one giant Anne Murray song."

But then she went on to describe what living in New York City has been like during the infiltration of the RNC and I gotta say once again that I'm happy to be in Canada. I hate those fucking Snowbirds and the legions of senior citizens who insist that the C.N.E can't go on without them, and I hate that for an entire weekend every year I have to go into the bathroom to talk on the phone, but damnit at least we still have basic rights in this country.

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