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white blossoms

White and Blue
Taken with Diana/Windsor Clone

Scheduled day off. Yay.

We purchased Zhang Yimou's lush film "Hero" on DVD a long while back. Stunningly beautiful film. I'm a total colour fetishist so it's been on my short-list of favourites since we saw it. My favourite scenes are the yellow leaves contrasting with the flowing red clothing of the fighters (red segment) and the hanging green drapes in the green segment. We went out to see it at the theatre figuring it was big-screen worthy. Very nice. Good movie to see just in time for the rapidly approaching colours of fall.

I tried but I can't hold myself back from saying that some fuckers (might not be the same fuckers) ruined my incredibly over-priced movie-going experience by 1. SMOKING during the movie!!! 2. Spraying perfume at least three times during the course of the film. Message to the world: I would rather smell the fast-food dinner sweat exuding from your armpits then choke and gag on your noxious, super-toxic perfume or cologne. Grumble.

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