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Towers Plaza

Hometown Tour: Towers Plaza II
Taken with Great Wall DF-

I had a crazy dream this morning. In the dream my brother and I were walking through parking lot after parking lot on the way to see our father's dead body in the funeral home. This isn't far from the truth because we did walk through several parking lots the day we saw out father's body (above is one of them taken just minutes before.). But in real life it was the magic hour and the light was beautiful and golden and just spectacular. But in the dream storm clouds moved in quickly and the sky turned very dark and ominous. But when we went into the funeral home it wasn't a funeral home but a church and they were having a rummage sale. We rooted through boxes of old books and roller skates. The roller skates are also something pulled from real life. The other day I was on a wild purging spree and came very close to giving away my two pairs of awesome roller skates. But then my brother and I put them on (he had to cram his feet in but I have big feet for a female anyway) and we had fun skating up and down our street. But in the dream the skates looked more like my rollerskates from childhood (white boots with a giant pink pom-pom) and they cost $265. Then I turned a corner and saw a display case of t-shirts, pencils and other crap promoting the scary bible camp and other scary bible clubs I attended in childhood.

People started to show up for church service while we continued to rummage through boxes of records and paper etc. Then I went into the bathroom. I walked into a stall but the toilet was filled to the top with paper. So I started to flush it. As I did the paper went down and a fully stuffed turkey and chicken were left floating in the bowl. Then the turkey somehow shot out, slapped onto the floor and rolled out from under the stall into the main bathroom. I'd had enough and decided to forget it. When I walked out there was a MASSIVE lineup of people waiting to use the bathroom. Most of them were my relatives. I laughed and said to the crowd, "I don't know how that happened or how that turkey got in there in the first place but there's an entire chicken too!", and then walked out of the bathroom.

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