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Hometown Tour: Towers Plaza III
Taken with Great Wall DF-

Good lord I took a lot of pictures in St. Catharines. I'm STILL scanning them.



So I'm working on a gardening book that will be out in stores this spring. And I'm in a mad dash to finish up the photos before I start into the design. Unfortunately there are a few photos I just can't get here in Southern Ontario. Quite a lot of you who visit here are photographers so I thought I'd put the word out... I NEED YOUR PICTURES! I've got a list of stuff I'm looking for posted below. If you happen to have photos that you wouldn't mind contributing and think would be appropriate (this is a colour book) email and I'll send you the details regarding compensation and rights. Please include "GARDEN BOOK" in the subject line so your email doesn't get lost in my spam filter.

Oh and if you're in Toronto and have a "garden" or know someone who does and would be willing to allow me to come over and photograph it please contact me too!

My book is specifically geared towards a non-traditonal gardening audience. A youngish crowd who don’t have a ton of space or money.

Here’s what I’m looking for :

- Gardens in climates that are clearly NOT Southern Ontario. i.e. Desert, tropical, sub-tropical, Florida, California, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, North, South, East, West, ocean/sea side, etc.

- Urban gardens. Gardens can be as little as a window box or as big as a full yard. Decks, balconies and fire escapes are all included.

- People in their gardens. Digging, weeding, planting, lounging, drinking beer… doing stuff. Youngish people (18-45) are even better.

- Art Gardens, Thrifty Gardens (uses junk for containers, etc), Theme Gardens (based on colour schemes or designed around an idea. i.e. “Gothic”, USA red white and blue, medicinal herbs, pink flamingos, etc. Doesn’t have to be kooky)

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