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This is the wall that begins our townhouse complex

Forgot to add: Some photos I took while walking home yesterday.


I regret that I didn't take more pinholes on this trip. It's a bit of extra work though to set up the tripod etc. The ones I did take didn't turn out as interesting as I thought they would.

Last night I dreamt that I saw a townhouse complex that was an exact replica of this one. I dream about this place literally all the time. Not this particular wall but directly around my childhood house. When my brother and I did our visit I expected this huge dam of emotion to break but it didn't. Probably because I go there practically every night in my dreams. To be there in my waking life was almost MORE surreal.

I always thought that one day I would stop dreaming about this place, and while I've had breaks, I'm fairly certain now that no matter what I will always use this place as a reference point in my dreams. I find it interesting that I NEVER dream about my current residence. In fact I only dream about places I lived prior to university.

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