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Humber Bay
Taken with Great Wall DF-

I love it when people announce their existence to the world by scratching or writing on an object. And it's like once one person starts it in one spot other people just can't resist doing the same until that thing becomes almost like a graveyard of headstones except instead of saying, "So and So was alive during these years." they say, "Here I am."

I wonder what it is about me that I don't feel compelled to do that, yet I am compelled to photograph them? Even when I didn't take pictures I always made a point to stop and look.

Years ago, I found a miniature agave with the name "Eduardo" scratched into it residing at the top of a pyramid on top of a mountain in Mexico. After that I started noticing cacti and succulents everywhere I went with names scratched into the leaves or bark. Even across cultures and geography we all have the same needs -- even the need to be SEEN -- and similar ways of expressing them.

I like our differences but I am also fascinated by our similarities.

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