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Ghostly Chair
Taken with the Windsor/Diana Hybrid

I took an entire roll with the Diana/Windsor accidently set on 'B'. They're almost all super overexposed and blurry which is disappointing but I like this one regardless.


Lakeside Park Holga photos over on Bob's site. It's his 200th post.

His use of the word "artist" to refer to me made me stop and think for a second or two, or several. Even though I studied Fine Art as a studio major and make my living as a "creative" I still feel strange and unsure about the word "artist". Sometimes I use it to refer to myself but when I do I often feel uncomfortable and hesitant... like I just said something really dumb that I want to take back. It's not so much a matter of insecurity or entitlement -- I'm just not sure of the appropriateness of the word. I'm kind of the same way about the word "designer" though so... When people ask me what I do I have a hard time saying "designer". It seems too limited. I have to fight the urge to get into a long-winded explaination about it.

I think part of it is my upbringing, the assumed pretentiouness of "the artist" and a general distrust of art as a whole. Some of that got inside my head on some level even though it hasn't kept me from making art or paying a small fortune to get an art education. And I can pretty safely say that I come from a family of people who severely repressed their creative impulses so I know what their fears are. They're depressing and unfortunate. The other part is that the word "artist" is almost as meaningless sometimes as the word "spiritual". They're both used in really broad, general ways yet they are also both really specific in other ways.

Fuck it. I'm over-thinking this.

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