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Taken with Holga

I just got some film back and discovered a few more August Hometown Tour pics that I had forgotten about. My brother and I were sitting on a sidewalk patio eating lunch and watching the city walk or drive by.... yes, we did see people walking in St. Catharines but only on the busiest street downtown. It was a good place to sit and observe. I felt like a fly on the wall even though other people could see me too.


Earlier today I wrote a very long post about yesterday's bad camera mishaps but the power went out before I saved. I'm too lazy to write it again. Long story short; we went out to take pictures yesterday but it was just one disaster after another. I took three cameras with me: the Holga, the Horizon and the Kiev 88. I also lugged the Polaroid back for the Holga. All three cameras crapped out on me and all three were fixed by the equivallent of kicking the machine to get the candy bar out. Quality craftsmanship!

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