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Taken with Holga

Another St. Catharines parking lot.

I am having terrible camera karma or something.... On Friday I pulled the Holga out of my bag and discovered that the lens barrel was jammed on sideways. I 'fixed' it by smashing it with my hand which caused a painful bruise! Ouch.

The roll of film I had in the Horizon snapped (not the first time so I know what to do) and the winder nearly broke off. That part scared the shit out of me. I can't live without my panoramic. Thankfully it still winds so I just have to pull out the mini screwdrivers and industrial strength glue in an attempt to secure the plastic thing that is attached.

The expensive strap I bought for the Kiev 88 will not stay on. I have nearly lost the camera to the sidewalk at least a half dozen times. I have to hold it with one hand at all times which negates the purpose of having a strap. But the stupid camera has the stubs rather than something you can latch to and those silly tabs do nothing. Nothing I tell you! The second back that came with the camera wouldn't load on Friday. I thought I fixed it by jamming the clip with a screwdriver. That minor triumph had me all cocky and defiant until yesterday afternoon when I discovered that it attaches perfectly but won't wind. I can wind by hand but it won't wind with the mechanism and whatnot.

I took five photos with the Holgaroid yesterday and they are all dark and shitty. I think I just have to accept that I won't be able to pull that camera out again until next summer unless I'm using a flash, the temperature is mild, or the sun is bright. But I JUST got film only a few days ago! Don't buy a Polaroid back for your Holga. It's an expensive piece of shit.

On the positive side I have managed to somewhat secure the back of the Great Wall using a screw culled from a broken camera I was going to discard. Ha! Take that you camera bitches!

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