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Towers Cart
Taken with Great Wall DF-

Here's another one from August. This was the very first picture I took with the Great Wall upon arriving in my old neighbourhood. The crazy Titanic guy was across the street shaking his fist and threatening to kill me, but I just had to stop, get the camera out, and take this picture of a rogue cart.

When I was a kid growing up in this neighbourhood my best friend was a girl who lived across town. She used to come and sleep over some weekends and vice-versa. Her mom always gave her approximately 10 bucks spending money for the weekend. Ten dollars! It was the mid-80s and I wasn't allowed to leave our block except to go to the Towers/Food City plaza to acquire a large pack of Players Light Regular, a large pack of Export-A Regular, and a 3-quart bag of milk. On occassion I was allowed to go to the Beckers. So really what can two kids in the mid-80s do with 10 bucks (that must be spent before the weekend is out) but buy shitloads of candy.

My friend was very "physically active." She liked to jump and run and wrestle and break shit up. I was the total opposite (I had enough danger in my life thank you very much) but somehow I'd always get sucked into these aggressive fits with her. Her favourite thing to do on our trips to acquire sugar was to find an abandoned cart and push me across the parking lot in it as fast as she could. I fucking hated it. One time I pushed her and lost control of the cart. It fell over and tossed her up a bit.

Eventually we'd make it across the parking lot to Beckers where we'd purchase several cans of Beckers brand pop, tons of popsicles, tart n' tinies, fizzy shit, pop rocks, a tub of cool whip and chips. Then we'd go back to my place, melt and crush the popsicles, crush the tart n' tinies etc into powder and then mix it all together with the pop. Then we'd top it with cool whip. If I drank that now I would surely die on the spot.

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