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Tea (again)
Taken with the Kiev 88

I think I am experiencing a little post-book depression. I didn't think that would happen so I don't really want to admit it. But I was in a pissy mood yesterday. It got worse towards the late evening when I was attempting to put together a gallery of images (something I've been wanting to do for months) but I could not come up with a theme or something cohesive to start with besides, "Here's some pictures." As a result I couldn't pick any photos at all. ...which is bullshit really since I do have themes. But I was just saying to Mr. Risk the other day that the way I make art has changed. In school it was mostly intellectualizing but now it's all emotional and intuitive. I'm conscious of what I'm doing, but it's not based in theory and whatnot like it used to be. I have noticed that I do get uncomfotable everytime I plan to put together a gallery. But usually it's more that I just can't make decisions about what to put in and what to keep out. This time it feels like I'm putting together a resume and I'm evaluating everything I've done in the last year. My perspective got lost somewhere. I need to get it back. Today I will walk. That always works.

I had the craziest dream last night. I went to see the publisher to get a cheque to pay for insurance or dental or something (I forget). They had to give me an extra cheque for $129.00 because there was a service charge. All cheques had to be categorized but they did not have a category for that second cheque so the woman who issued the cheque to me, thinking I was Jewish, assigned it the category "Buy a Refreshment for a Gentile." I think that may top the "Turkey in the Toilet" dream.

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