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Taken with the Kiev 88

Still loving the screwy photos taken with the broken back. It's just coincidence that all the best subject matter ended up on the broken back. I could do without the problems.


I put up a couple of photos on Flickr. They're from our Apartment Lobby Holiday Decor walk but minus the Holiday Decor part. Once again I wish the default sizing was bigger. I loved how people had been scratching their names into the old apartment name decal. And Darwood Hurts is just brilliant.

Incidently the wall (above) is a part of a broken down parking garage attached to a broken down hi-rise. I used to be really obsessed with this building -- taking night walks past it just to stand below the behemoth all aglow. These old hi-rises equally fascinate and disturb me. They were built to be classy modern dwellings but through time and neglect devolved into miserable boxes for holding people. Notice I did not use the word "house". They don't seem to do that very well.

I am always interested in class and as a part of that find interest in the way objects, buildings, and even entire neighbourhoods lose and gain class status through time. These buildings will never be uppercrust again. But they're sitting on prime 'lakeview' real estate so eventually as this neighbourhood becomes more and more gentrified someone will find a way to displace all the poor people living in them, knock them all down, and turn them into condos.

As I watch the landscapes in this city (especially in this part of town and along my beloved tracks) swiftly change into condo/townhome/loft/toft LAND I wonder what will happen once all these crappy psuedo-post-modernish messes start wearing down.

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