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There's a Big Wall and Some Clouds and Trees
Taken with Kiev 88

I wanted to post a hopeful, life-affirming photo here today. So I just blew approximately 2 hours scanning new film, and digging through backup looking for a photo that I have never posted that represents a good feeling.

This is what I came up with. Hilarious! Well I can tell you that I was very happy when I took that photo.

Time to make the list. I hate resolutions. But I do like wrap-ups. And to my surprise this is the first year in the history of my life that January 1 actually FEELS like a new year or transition. In the past September held that position -- probably something to do with the seasonal change and more than half a lifetime of "First Day of School Syndrome."

Okay, I have one resolution: learn the proper usage of mdashes, colons and semi colons. I've got a book on it but I don't want to read THAT book.

2004 can be summed up as really great and really difficult and really difficult because it was really great but also great because it was difficult. Plus there was fear, fear, fear and change, change, change. I'm tired.

Here's last year.

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